Day 4 Adventures in Casa Bonita

Today we had a lazy day lounging around with Katherine’s family in Colorado.

Tomorrow is the birthday of Katherine’s cousin Adam, so we went out tonight to celebrate.

We visited Casa Bonita, a place I was pretty sure was fictional and imagined by South Park.

On the outside, Casa Bonita is a large pink building reminiscent of a cathedral. It has a tall spire that can be seen a few blocks away, lording over the neighboring buildings.

On the inside, Casa Bonita is still reminiscent of a cathedral, if you attend a church that serves endless Sopaipillas.  (If so, give me a call. You just found a convert.)

The place is basically a Mexican Disneyland/restaurant, complete with cliff divers, spooky caves, pinatas, arcades, and gift shops. The line is long and has the same winding setup as an amusement park, and the food is given out rapid-fire assembly-line style. You order a meal, and boom, 45 seconds later the tray is thrust into your trembling, excited hands.

Given the speedy prep, the food is actually quite good. They even have margaritas, and of course tons of Sopaipillas (like fried dough with honey on top). Don’t even get me started on those bad boys. If I could build house out of Sopaipillas, I would, and then I’d eat myself into homelessness the next day.

When you finish eating, there’s lots of activities to choose from: the arcade where everything is kinda sticky, or Black Bart’s spooky cave, or watch the cliff divers, or explore the dark depths of the building.

Overall it’s a great place. It probably hasn’t had someone clean the floor in 15 years. The equipment is so old they probably cook your food in an Easy Bake Oven. If you told me it was a front for gang operations, I would believe you. I highly recommend visiting if you ever find yourself in the Denver area, I had an absolute blast.

Overall 10/10 day, would recommend. Tomorrow we are off to explore Boulder before heading out on Monday.

-Chris XOXO

PS shoutout to my boys in Oxford who I saw briefly today, miss you <3