Day 3 – Part 2

Chris and my little cousin have been hard at work on a LEGO robot snake while my other little cousin turned me into a human jungle gym. The car remains cool and not on fire, even if my back muscles are pretending otherwise.

Denver(ish) marks the halfway point in our voyage and we’ve kicked our feet up and settled down to rest for a whole day. I was hoping for a jaw-dropping drive into Denver as the Rocky Mountains rise into view, but alas, the cloud cover obscured them so all that you could see was a vague line of mist far in the distance. Hopefully tomorrow is clear and we can get some good views. (Chris hasn’t see the Rockies in person.) I’m also opening my shiny, new camera tonight, so stay tuned for higher quality pictures.

Rain and farms marked today’s drive. After Omaha there is absolutely nothing in Nebraska. Nothing. Actually I think “nothing” would have been more interesting than the miles upon miles of identical farmland. What I can say for the farmland is that the cows were a welcomed comfort in the rain, standing tall letting the world know that the weather was not nearly bad enough to make them move from their food.

For tonight, I’m going to go open my Amazon boxes I had shipped here and get to know my pillow.

Goodnight, Katherine