Day 2 – In the Begining

Day 2┬áhas been a long day of farmland and windmills. Chris is at the wheel as we cruise down I-80 in Iowa toward Omaha, Nebraska. The sun is about to set and I’m eyeing the horizon hoping to catch the green flash as it disappears. The sunset is gorgeous, any attempt to capture it with my iPhone wouldn’t do it justice. We stopped at a gas station a few miles back in a middle-of-nowhere town that could read as either the start of a Nicholas Sparks novel or a remake of The Hills Have Eyes depending on your mood and the person filling up their tank. No matter how many times I see the true middle of nowhere it never fails to astound me.

Starship Troupers in tape is keeping us company.

I suppose I should address the ever present question. No, we are not on fire.

Hugs. Katherine