Day 2 – In Finality


Still not on fire, surprisingly.

We are currently sitting in a hotel room in Omaha, Nebraska. Katherine is refusing to help me build a pillow fort because she’s “too tired” and “we only have 3 pillows”.

Having reached this far into the midwest, I am now very certain that everyone who lives out here must work as a truck driver, as there are far too many trucks on the road, and far too few people anywhere else. At one point today Katherine and I pulled off to get gas and I swear it was like The Hills have Eyes , I was ready any second for the car to break down and cell signal to drop. We both got a very spooky ghost town vibe from the place.

It is very rural and very pretty in this area, and I got some nice pictures of farms and such with a Little House on the Prairie style to them.

We are heading for Colorado tomorrow, and then rest for a bit. Almost halfway?

XOXO Chris