Home and Not On Fire

So this post is probably the most delayed post ever. Between arriving and setting up the apartment things have been a little hectic. However, we finally have the place mostly put together and have settling in.

I’ve finally gotten around to uploading the best of our pictures from the road. Enjoy!


Day 5 – Feeling Bolder in Boulder, CO


Today we spent the day visiting Boulder, CO. A quaint, crunchy town nestled in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. If the breathtaking views weren’t enough to inspire awe, the local culture applied strongly to the hipster side of my personality.

The Bolder Bolder 10K is tomorrow so the city was crowded and street fairs were set up all along the Pearl Street Mall, the main touristy shopping area with restaurants and local shops. We tried a number of energy drinks, including a beet based one that really should not be in existence. I geeked out at the presence of Goodness Garden, the maker of my fabulous sunscreen that manages to make peace with my skin and not feel disgusting going on. I was so excited to see them there that the guy gave me an extra handful of free samples (score!). Although Chris thought my strong brand loyalty to a sunscreen brand was a bit odd… but those with sensitive skin or sunscreen allergies will appreciated my enthusiasm.

We got lunch at a local tavern, a place recommend to us by two ‘telepaths’ we met in a hat shop. They asked if we were heading to or from California and then pointed us in the direction of a tavern right as I was thinking “we should ask them about a tavern.”

Ended the day with a hike in the mud for a closer view of the mountains. Tomorrow we’re back on the road bright and early heading to Elko, Nevada.

Till the next time, Katherine

P.S. Check out some snapshots from the road.

Boulder, CO

Boulder, CO

Boulder, CO

Boulder, CO


Boulder, CO


Day 4 Adventures in Casa Bonita

Today we had a lazy day lounging around with Katherine’s family in Colorado.

Tomorrow is the birthday of Katherine’s cousin Adam, so we went out tonight to celebrate.

We visited Casa Bonita, a place I was pretty sure was fictional and imagined by South Park.

On the outside, Casa Bonita is a large pink building reminiscent of a cathedral. It has a tall spire that can be seen a few blocks away, lording over the neighboring buildings.

On the inside, Casa Bonita is still reminiscent of a cathedral, if you attend a church that serves endless Sopaipillas.  (If so, give me a call. You just found a convert.)

The place is basically a Mexican Disneyland/restaurant, complete with cliff divers, spooky caves, pinatas, arcades, and gift shops. The line is long and has the same winding setup as an amusement park, and the food is given out rapid-fire assembly-line style. You order a meal, and boom, 45 seconds later the tray is thrust into your trembling, excited hands.

Given the speedy prep, the food is actually quite good. They even have margaritas, and of course tons of Sopaipillas (like fried dough with honey on top). Don’t even get me started on those bad boys. If I could build house out of Sopaipillas, I would, and then I’d eat myself into homelessness the next day.

When you finish eating, there’s lots of activities to choose from: the arcade where everything is kinda sticky, or Black Bart’s spooky cave, or watch the cliff divers, or explore the dark depths of the building.

Overall it’s a great place. It probably hasn’t had someone clean the floor in 15 years. The equipment is so old they probably cook your food in an Easy Bake Oven. If you told me it was a front for gang operations, I would believe you. I highly recommend visiting if you ever find yourself in the Denver area, I had an absolute blast.

Overall 10/10 day, would recommend. Tomorrow we are off to explore Boulder before heading out on Monday.

-Chris XOXO

PS shoutout to my boys in Oxford who I saw briefly today, miss you <3

Day 3 – Part 2

Chris and my little cousin have been hard at work on a LEGO robot snake while my other little cousin turned me into a human jungle gym. The car remains cool and not on fire, even if my back muscles are pretending otherwise.

Denver(ish) marks the halfway point in our voyage and we’ve kicked our feet up and settled down to rest for a whole day. I was hoping for a jaw-dropping drive into Denver as the Rocky Mountains rise into view, but alas, the cloud cover obscured them so all that you could see was a vague line of mist far in the distance. Hopefully tomorrow is clear and we can get some good views. (Chris hasn’t see the Rockies in person.) I’m also opening my shiny, new camera tonight, so stay tuned for higher quality pictures.

Rain and farms marked today’s drive. After Omaha there is absolutely nothing in Nebraska. Nothing. Actually I think “nothing” would have been more interesting than the miles upon miles of identical farmland. What I can say for the farmland is that the cows were a welcomed comfort in the rain, standing tall letting the world know that the weather was not nearly bad enough to make them move from their food.

For tonight, I’m going to go open my Amazon boxes I had shipped here and get to know my pillow.

Goodnight, Katherine

Day 3 – Part 1

image1 (1)We made it to Colorado! Nap time.

Talk to you later. Katherine

Day 2 – In Finality


Still not on fire, surprisingly.

We are currently sitting in a hotel room in Omaha, Nebraska. Katherine is refusing to help me build a pillow fort because she’s “too tired” and “we only have 3 pillows”.

Having reached this far into the midwest, I am now very certain that everyone who lives out here must work as a truck driver, as there are far too many trucks on the road, and far too few people anywhere else. At one point today Katherine and I pulled off to get gas and I swear it was like The Hills have Eyes , I was ready any second for the car to break down and cell signal to drop. We both got a very spooky ghost town vibe from the place.

It is very rural and very pretty in this area, and I got some nice pictures of farms and such with a Little House on the Prairie style to them.

We are heading for Colorado tomorrow, and then rest for a bit. Almost halfway?

XOXO Chris

Day 2 – In the Begining

Day 2 has been a long day of farmland and windmills. Chris is at the wheel as we cruise down I-80 in Iowa toward Omaha, Nebraska. The sun is about to set and I’m eyeing the horizon hoping to catch the green flash as it disappears. The sunset is gorgeous, any attempt to capture it with my iPhone wouldn’t do it justice. We stopped at a gas station a few miles back in a middle-of-nowhere town that could read as either the start of a Nicholas Sparks novel or a remake of The Hills Have Eyes depending on your mood and the person filling up their tank. No matter how many times I see the true middle of nowhere it never fails to astound me.

Starship Troupers in tape is keeping us company.

I suppose I should address the ever present question. No, we are not on fire.

Hugs. Katherine

Day 1- On the Open Road


Hello from the Road.

Day 1 and we have safely made it just past Cleveland. We’re tired but most definitely not on fire. Besides diving  through upstate New York while Stephen Fry read The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy to us, the ride has been uneventful and not very photogenic.

Talk to you all tomorrow

– Katherine